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BBWe have 70 years of market history, we have extensive experience in the treatment of Aluminum, Argentina being the first company that successfully managed to implement the process of extruded aluminum.

This trajectory and the constant introduction of new technology allows us to offer international quality products.

To do this we have a department of design and technical direction which allows to develop new matrices, which combined with the use of certified raw material and production process (with a press of 1800 tons) help secure the best quality products .
From experience, technology, customer service, we are the reliable choice in extruded aluminum shapes.

Customer Service
Quality and Customer Service

The Customer Services is aimed at meeting the needs of all commercial and manufacturing process.

Production Quality
Quality and Customer Service

70 years of experience allows us to assert that WE KNOWN OF ALUMINUM AND ITS ALLOYS.
For the manufacture of our products we use raw materials (aluminum ALUAR) certified by international quality.

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Quality and Customer Service

Our Department of Architecture is a service for technical assistance to the professionals of te project, manufactures of enclosures, and technicians working in construction.

It is responsible for providing information about the use and application of our starndard line, or the development of special designs that meet the needs of users.

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Quality and Customer Service
Our concern is to supply the market in a comprehensive and clearly functional way, with excellent product quality and the best prices on square.